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Are Wireless Tattoo Machines Better? Here Are Some Of The Best Options 

Choosing a wireless tattoo machine can be a tricky choice. You should consider the type of needle that will work with the machine and the battery range. Consider the weight of the machine. Some wireless machines can be quite heavy, making tattooing difficult. Consider buying extra power supplies, as well.

Dragonhawk Mast Lancer:

If you’re looking for a wireless tattoo machine with a battery pack, consider the Dragonhawk Mast Lancer. This wireless machine is designed for bold liner tattoos and has a long working time. The battery can last up to twelve hours. It also includes a large display, allowing you to see the current voltage. It also features a comfortable handle.

InkJecta Flite X1:

Another wireless tattoo machine is the InkJecta Flite X1. This machine has two nano-technology motors, making it the unique wireless tattoo machine on the market. It also includes two small 18350 batteries. It comes with a charging dock and has a streamlined appearance. It’s also known for its quality construction and design. It’s also compatible with many InkJecta accessories. It’s recommended for tattoo artists of all skill levels.

Mast Archer:

Another type of wireless machine is the Mast Archer. This machine is lightweight and quiet. It also includes a soft gear system and a nice LED display. It also has a 3.5mm stroke length. It works with 5-10V voltage. It’s also very easy to adjust the voltage. It also has an on/off switch. It comes with a USB charger and has a comfortable grip.

Flux tattoo machine:

Finally, the Flux tattoo machine is another option that can be used for shading and lining. It’s also a direct drive rotary and comes with a large battery. It’s also ideal for larger tattoo pieces. It’s also designed to be versatile and not limited to one type of tattoo.

In addition to the features mentioned above, these recommendations come with a one-year warranty. They also have a wide range of battery life and are beginner friendly. They also include features that make tattooing easier, such as a wide range of needle depths and responsive modes.